We proudly handcraft these fine wines solely from Henry's Heritage blueberry fields in southwest Michigan. They are created to be enjoyed year round with a unique fruity balance and fresh, crisp taste. Pair the blueberry wine to your favorite dishes or enjoy independently one sip at a time. We offer different varieties which are all 100% blueberry, some are drier and some are sweeter so you are sure to find your favorite at our Michigan Blueberry Winery.

The Wine

Enjoy the taste and health benefits of local, small batch wine

made with 100% estate grown blueberries.

Bohemian Blue
Summers Gold
Blue Symphony
Barbara's Blessing

We dedicate this decadent semi-sweet wine to our ancestral Bohemia, giving just a hint of sweetness and blueberry bite.

The sweetest of all, Summer's Gold clings to the glow of the summer sun in this crisp, fruity and fresh tasting wine.

A dry wine that captures the taste of Michigan in a symphony of flavors, and the awesomeness of the mighty blueberry.  

This semi-dry wine, with a hint of tannin,  is in memory of Great-Grandma Barbara whose pioneer spirit is admired by all.



Michigan Wine